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Family Engagement Process

COPA has a number of areas to track important information about the Family Engagement Process. You can track everything from family goals and needs assessments, to visits and case notes on one powerful platform.

While every agency’s actual process many look different, depending on the types of programs you offer – we developed a new manual to guide to help you streamline and manage accurate data on services you provide.

Our Family Engagement Process Manual is a starting point to understanding how to use COPA tools to manage data and stay in compliance with the annual Program Information Report (PIR). As a side note, if your program offers CAP, you are also able to produce a CSBG report directly from COPA.

The Family Engagement Process Manual is available for download in the Tutorials section of your COPA database.

Family Assessments

The assessments and referrals tools let you collect and track information with just a few clicks. With COPA’s customizable features, you can adopt custom assessment tools like the DRDP©, CLASS®, ASQ®, and many others. You’ll know exactly which assessments have been completed, and which are past due, at a glance. You can even print assessments directly from the database.

Referrals and Services

Add referrals, track status, and set follow-ups on existing referrals with inter-agency or external providers.

Case History & Case Notes

Case History allows a family worker to view the entire Family Partnership Agreement, review notes and capture staff and parent signatures. The Case Notes section displays all case notes associated with a particular family profile. You can add new notes and print existing notes.

Family Goals

Family Goals allow you to select goal categories, which are generally related to the assessment themes. In the COPA, goals are displayed as areas of strength and areas of concern/need. Goals can be added and marked as completed, including a completion date. You can also view all documentation associated with an identified goal.

Family Visits

Family visits include phone calls, school and home visits, which can be documented with a date, location and visit type. When visits are properly documented, COPA can send email reminders for any future visits and contacts. All visits include print and signature capture features.

Active Male/Fatherhood Engagement

You can track involvement of an active male or father in the Child Data Sheet.


COPA has more than 200 built-in reports, including the PIR and CSBG reports. Many are also available as statistical reports, with real time data visualization. And since all data is recorded and maintained on a single platform, so you’ll never need to deal with double data entry.


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