The ONLY All-in-One

Data Management Software Solution

For Early Childhood Education and Community Action Agencies offering Multiple Programs

COPA has the tracking, monitoring, assessment, and reporting tools to manage data for all your funded programs on one platform.

Multiple Program Eligibility Structure

Facilitates recruitment, enrollment and transitions, site monitoring, and assessments data management for various program types and funding sources

Universal Application

Simplified the centralized intake process with one point of data entry that gets applied to multiple areas within COPA

API Integration

Capability to create an information bridge with any other required database

Free Training & Support

Concierge-style training and support at no extra cost with every annual subscription!

COPA is very easy to use. It’s very easy to teach other people how to use it…Customer service is wonderful. I was able to get an answer and get a hold of someone when I needed to.

Susan R.

Head Start Program

COPA benefits that help your agency manage and accurately report data.

ERSEA Process

Save staff time and resources throughout the ERSEA process with one point on-site data entry. Track recruitment, eligibility, enrollment and transitions, pre-enrollment, attendance, and document check-lists.

Child/Family Case Management

Family Engagement assessment and outcomes, home visits, goals, referrals, case notes, and service tracking.

Health Management

View health history, track growth and nutrition, maintain medical records and immunization schedules, disability, and developmental.


A fully customizable assesment platform allows you to easily create and scheudle assessments for children, families, and staff. 

HR & Professional Development

Track staff directory, assessments, background checks, credentials, training, and professional development.

Reporting (PIR and CSBG)

More than 200 built-in reports, including PIR and CSBG, and capability to design custom SMART reports to see important data as a glance. 

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