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Delivering scalable and customizable data management solutions to Early Childhood Education and Community Action Agencies for nearly 20 years.

About COPA

COPA is a web-based data management software solution for Early Childhood Education programs and community services.

Our all-in-one platform is used by Head Start, Family Child Care, Early Head Start, State Funded Pre-K, locally designed and Community Action Programs across the nation to track, manage and monitor data, and report outcomes.

A web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, every feature in COPA is fully customizable to meet the needs of agencies and organizations serving multiple program types with various funding sources.  Real-time access, data visualization and custom dashboards provide a  means you can see how programs are performing with just a few clicks. 

An active technology partner, we develop, configure, integrate and maintain database management software for Grantees and Super Grantees at the federal, state, city and local level.

Our clients include city and state governments, school districts, federally and state funded programs and other institutions in the U.S., U. S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.


Provide all-in-one data management solutions to Early Childhood Education and Community service agencies offering multiple program.


Help organizations efficiently collect, monitor, assess and report outcomes for multiple funded programs, with one software solution.


Enable greater transparency and accountability so that agencies, delegates and Grantees can have a deeper impact in their communities.

Our Story

COPA began as a basic automated solution for collecting and monitoring data for the Early Childhood Education industry.  

At the time, agencies were still recording and managing data the conventional way – with pen and paper, spending hours on data entry that resulted in multiple errors, duplication, and a colossal accumulation of documents.

We knew we could offer a more reliable and comprehensive solution.

We dug deep to understand the needs of Early Childhood Education and community service providers – from tracking enrollment, multiple programs and funding sources, to assessments, compliance, transitions and outcomes reporting. 

Recognizing the need for automated, flexible and scalable data management software, we tasked our developers to design an innovative solution.

The first COPA software was released in 2001 as a user-friendly, completely customizable technology to track, monitor and report outcomes on a SINGLE platform.

Over the last 20 years, COPA consistently delivered enhancements and upgrades to meet the changing needs and evolving requirements of publicly funded programs.

Our fully integrated web-based data management software has been used by over 20,000 individuals, serving more than half a million children and families.

We continue to innovate and transform the COPA software, staying ahead of the competition in research and development; releasing new features and modules, and offering ongoing training and exceptional customer support at no additional cost.

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