The first few precious years of life are the foundation of everything a child becomes later, but how do you know if they’re getting everything they need to reach their potential?

Outcomes…tangible, measurable results are the new trend from high up at the Federal level of funding and all the way down to local funding.  Although, outcomes alone are not enough any more.  Grantees and super grantees want data driven, or verified, outcomes.  Guessing or estimating is no longer good enough.  The pressure is on to prove an agency is actually doing what they say they’re doing.  This new trend has led to a tidal wave of grant retractions that has affected even some of the biggest agencies in the country.

Funders want to know where the money is going, who is receiving it, how it’s being used, and if it’s actually creating a positive impact.  They want to know all this and more…in real time.  No more delayed reporting excuses will stay execution.  No more paper and pen only for the sake of comfort or tradition will keep the auditors from withholding funds, no matter how accurate or detailed.

Technology has made tracking vast stores of data effortless and created systems that are so easy to use that no one has any excuse for not leveraging them for better efficiency and impact anymore.

That’s why visiting the COPA booth #542 at the Annual NAEYC 2018 Conference in Washington D. C. on November 14th through 17th  is so vital to the future of children and families all across the country.  COPA fills all these requirements easily, and often automatically, all in one integrated, cloud based solution.

Just imagine how many more families and children an agency could help just by using COPA to manage everything for them…everything from tracking multiple funding sources, multiple programs, multiple payroll sources, multiple ID’s, with extensive connectivity, real time data sharing, transparency, accountability, one eligibility application applied to all services offered, family/child group batching, automated reporting (PIR, CSBG, and custom), automated service reservations (parent portal), user defined fields, custom built assessments, fully paperless systems (eDocs, electronic signatures, staff/family sign in & out, bar code scanning), automated monitoring systems to ensure compliance, and much more that allow departments to communicate automatically while greatly increasing efficiency for any size area.

For more than eighteen years, COPA has already successfully served states, metropolitan areas, and  the largest agencies across the US, Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

Real time data with real outcomes have never been easier to obtain thanks to COPA.


Tom Sweeney