Why do we still hang onto paper?

It feels good to hold it because it has mass.  Maybe we grew up with printed reading materials and it becomes nostalgic.  Many people and organizations don’t put faith in cloud storage systems and their associated securities.  There are tons of reasons to keep using paper…literally tons.

In fact, that’s what accumulates over the years: tons of paper that is difficult to sort, search, store, file, shred, carry, ship, dispose, secure, copy, and on, and on, and on.

Let’s explore just some of the obvious costs of using paper in business alone:

  1. The cost of manufacturing
  2. The cost of packaging
  3. The cost of shipping
  4. The cost of retailing
  5. The cost of delivery
  6. The cost of storing
  7. The cost of printing
  8. The cost of filing
  9. The cost of mailing
  10. The cost of copying
  11. The cost of securing
  12. The cost of disposing of
  13. The cost of recycling (yes…this actually costs money too)
  14. The cost of loss
  15. The cost of organizing
  16. The cost of training
  17. The cost of searching for
  18. The cost of paper-cuts (this has yet to be studied more in depth)
  19. The cost of headaches
  20. The cost of time when everything else around you in business is moving so fast.

When it comes to tracking and monitoring small or large projects or programs, the papers stack up just the same: inefficient, inaccurate, unreliable, and often very expensive in many different ways.

How many times has a teacher heard: the dog ate my homework?  Not anymore…not with paperless systems, like COPA, available, with reliable AND secure cloud storage systems that have been tried and tested for years…and years.

Going paperless is the logical next step for any business to remain competitive in the market place.  Don’t get me wrong: paper will always have a place in the world.  However, paperless services just make much more business and financial sense, especially with electronic signatures, edocuments, cheap cloud storage, and much, more.

Do yourself, your staff, your clients, your vendors, the environment, and even the lady who makes your coffee in the morning a favor and go paperless as soon as possible.  Suddenly, things will feel easier.

Have any questions about how to become paperless?  Feel free to contact us at COPA: 818-304-0110.



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Tom Sweeney