The trend of visualizing and aggregating large amounts of data is gaining steam all across the globe, but especially in the early education industry and community services industry.

Thanks mainly to technology, data is much more manageable and easier to comprehend, but most importantly, the cost of accessing the technology to leverage this kind of substantial functionality has dropped significantly.

It’s become far less expensive in funding, staff hours, and headaches, to find a centralized system that can manage all of the vital moving parts of any early education and community action program.  Not only have all the old excuses for not updating to cutting edge technologies to manage all of a program’s data, but policies at the city, county, state, and federal levels have begun to require it.

Some states are even entertaining the idea of denying grants to any program that doesn’t utilize API (Application Program Interface) integrations.  Vendors of many current solutions won’t make the cut.

Take advantage of one of the most powerful solutions on the market today, COPA.  Let us help you make sense of all your data, save you time, make a deeper impact in your community, and maintain compliance…all with time and money to spare.

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