Some of the biggest challenges that Early Childhood Education and Community Action Programs face is the inability to understand and properly integrate new reporting software applications within their organization. Often, there are several challenges attributed to software not being integrated correctly. These challenges can include: language barriers, costly training and support fees, or simply not being able to understand the technology well enough to use it in the most effective and efficient manner possible.
Even after programs purchase an improved system, it can be frustrating to find out that training and ongoing support fees considerably exceed their subscription costs, and therefore many programs are left using systems inappropriately and experience very little positive impact and value. Another hurtle in the industry, is that training and support is often only offered in English. This prevents clients from fully understanding a software’s capabilities if they speak and serve their community in another language, like Spanish.

This is exactly why you should visit Nulinx International, Inc., the creators of COPA, at the Region 2 Conference 2018 at the Intercontinental Hotel on November 13th through 16th and speak with Lucy Mendez, Nulinx Business Development Manager. Learn how training and support is included in the subscription cost, implementation is guided by our trained staff, our support staff actually speaks Spanish and English, support is constantly archived for future reference, video training and manuals are available to all your staff 24/7, and much more.

Head Start, Early Head Start, Early Head Start Child Care Partnership EHS-CCP, State Funded Preschool, Community Action Programs, and more all under one solution with bi-lingual support and white-glove implementation treatment:
• Fully Hosted Web-Based Turn-key Solution!
• Your Database is Up and Running in 72 hours!
• Compatible with Apple, Windows, Android!
• Compatible with Any Personal Computer, Tablet, Smartphone!
• FREE Online Training – FREE Weekly Online Classes! These classes are set-up and run to keep all your staff educated and up-to-date with all of COPA’s capabilities!
• Best Customer Support in the Industry!
• Online Family Recruitment (English/Spanish)!
• Digital Document Library, Electronic Signature Capture Capability, and Electronic Parent Sign In & Out!
• HR & Professional Development Module!
• Flexible Assessment Platform: School Readiness, Family Partnership, ROMA, CLASS, ECERS, and more!
• Universal Application – One Point of Data Entry for Multiple Programs!
• Growth & Nutrition Tracking!
• Childcare – Fees tracking!
• Multiple Criteria Eligibility!
• Health & Disabilities!
• Home Visits – Case Management!
• Attendance & Meal Count!
• Self Assessment & Monitoring!
• Chronic Absenteeism Tracking!
• Volunteer & In-Kind Tracking!
• Calendar – Auto scheduling!
• Customizable Assessment!
• Family Engagement Outcomes!
• Customizable, Exportable Reports!

COPA can make your agency much more efficient and make your staff’s jobs much easier by allowing them to use a regular smartphone, tablet or notebook (including Apple, Nokia, Motorola, LG, and Samsung, with Apple iOS, Android, Windows, or Windows Legacy), so they can take pictures of staff, children, parents, or volunteers and upload them directly to a child, family, or staff record. This allows for a centralized storage of all pertinent documents associated with a child/family/staff record. By centralizing this process, you can audit and assure compliance with state, federal and agency requirements.

Thanks to the incredibly high resolution of cameras in mobile devices currently, you can also scan documents (income verification, employment verification, address verification etc.) using a mobile device running COPA and upload for verification and future reference.
Using a central intake touchscreen kiosk instead of a clip board with paper, a child or family application can be completed, signed right on the touchscreen, and emailed to the applicant.

Using the online recruitment form on your website, social media, or in emails allows families to complete a service application directly online. Any internet enabled device can be used to access your agency’s online family recruitment form. This process saves data entry time for your staff and allows a much more smooth and efficient application process.
Let us show you how COPA can help Region 2 manage all your grants and programs simply on one platform. Leverage technology in two languages and really help your families and children by using COPA to help manage, monitor, and report for all your programs.

Lucy Mendez
Business Development Manager