Early Education & Community Engagement

COPA is the nations’ leading 100% Web Based Database Management and Reporting Software for Early Childhood Education and Community Services.  COPA’s powerful, scalable, highly customizable and user friendly platform is in use by Super Grantees all across the United States.  COPA currently serves over 30,000 users at more than 5,000 sites in 41 states, including the US Virgin Islands, and Pueto Rico.

COPA is a heavy duty, professional grade system with state of the art functions and flexibility.  The software is not a pre-configured solution.  It was originally designed and intended for the largest agencies and community action programs due to their need for a highly customizable, scalable, and user friendly solution.  Nulinx is continuously technology driven and committed to empowering our clients with powerful and easy to use solutions and unparalleled ongoing support, training, and education that’s automatically included with each subscription.

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Universal Application

Single in-take application for multiple programs including, Head Start, Early Head Start, Migrant, Childcare, State Pre-school, Locally Designed, Community Services, and more!


Multiple-Program Eligibility Structure

Priority Selection, Enrollment & Transitions
Central Eligibility List, Emergency Contacts
Pre-Enrollment, Family Services Eligibility
Recruitment, Enrollment Percentages & Vacancies
Document Check-list, Attendance

Child/Family/Client Case Management

100% Live On-site Data Entry

Case Management, Family Engagement Outcomes
Home Visits, Parent & Family Engagement
Goals & Outcomes, Family Assessment
Referrals, Family Visit Management
Case Notes, Family Referrals & Service Tracking

Health Management

Health History, Growth & Nutrition
Medical Records, Disability
Immunization & TB, Developmental


Child – Family – Client – Staff

A fully customizable assessment platform allows you to easily create and schedule assessments for children, families, and staff.

HR &Professional Development

Staff Directory, Monitoring
Time Log, Coaching Log
Credentials, Background Checks
Assessments, Staff Training


Audits, Self-assessments
Compliance monitoring, Outcomes


Fully Customizable, Work-flow at a Glance
Program Health, Early Warning


Auto-Scheduling, Email Reminders

Cloud Storage

Digital signature, Card Scan
Parent sign-in/out, Staff sign-in/out
Electronic documentation, Electronic library



Customize, Memorize
Export, Integrate

Text/Email Notifications

Group alerts for parents, clients, staff, and volunteers.


Parent Portal

Safe, secure, and private online account for families & clients with auto reservation for eligible services


Fully integrated PIR & CSBG reports in real time.

Full Support Included in Every Subscription

COPA support, including live training, recorded training, manuals, built-in help, assisted implementation and initial training is all included in every subscription.

We make it easy to connect with your data

COPA is 100% web-based, real time, customizable, dynamic, US based and supported, browser compatible (Firefox, Chrome, and Explorer) and device neutral and mobile ready (Apple, Windows, Android).

Success Stories

“On a whole it’s very helpful and makes my work efficient.

On a biweekly basis I run different reports to monitor due dates and compliance.”

L. M.

Lutheran Social Services of New York

“I also like about COPA the fact that they have the 801 section. It’s the smart reports where I can create reports tailored to what data I’m looking for. So, there isn’t a limit on it. I can create multiple reports…COPA is very breazy to me…It is truly user-friendly.”

Letitia Parker

Program Design Manager, Maywood, IL

“(COPA) is very easy to use. It’s very easy to teach other people how to use it…Customer service is wonderful. I was able to get an answer and get a hold of someone when I needed to.”

Susan Roberts

Technology Coordinator, Green Bay, WI

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